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Chitty Chatty

We all know we "should" be doing it & truly, we want to be doing it (who doesn't want peace & inner calm!).  

But, reality is, the mental load is BIG and we forget to take a minute for ourselves.

Turn tea time into a 5 minute meditation. You need nothing more than the tea you were going to brew anyway & a phone on silent!

Here's how....

  • 1 min read
Chai infused hot crosses buns served with lashings of butter and a pot of Choc Orange Fudge tea. The perfect Easter treat.
  • 2 min read

Whether you're brewing for your lover of tea or, for yourself (because we all need a little self love to kick off the year) this rose and chocolate combination is the sultry and smooth sidekick for your Valentine's Day.

Brew the loose leaf as a tea or, try something new with the tea mixer for a Turkish Delight tea latte.

  • 1 min read