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5min Tea Meditation

5min Tea Meditation

We all know we "should" be doing it & truly, we want to be doing it (who doesn't want peace & inner calm!). 

But, reality is, the mental load is BIG and we forget to take a minute for ourselves.

Turn tea time into a 5 minute meditation. You need nothing more than the tea you were going to brew anyway & a phone on silent!

Here's how....

+ Boil the kettle, choose your tea, your cup & with each of those activities, slow down, pay attention to the task and do just that one task. Zero in on filling the kettle, the water as it boils, how your hand moves as it selects the cup.

+ Brew your tea & when it's ready sit somewhere quiet & peaceful & just be.

+ Before tasting your tea, really notice all the sights & smells associated with the moment & how you are feeling mentally/ physically.

+ Begin to drink & notice the sensation of the warm tea, allowing yourself to recognise your feelings, thoughts & sensations without letting them affect you negatively.

+ Anytime your mind wanders, recognise the distraction but try & let it pass with a deep breath.



PS. New year's resolutions should be about more than giving up cake!!!