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10 Years In Tea...

10 Years In Tea...

Ten years ago, we decided "why not tea?" as we pondered what to do next with our lives (coming from totally unrelated tangents of saving people from burning buildings and teaching people to sing). Little did we know, the wild ride we were about to embark on.

No MBA in the world could have prepared us for dealing with the ups and downs of small business and i'm not sure it's possible to truly share the experience of what it's like to take on your first major customer, or scrape together enough to pay your hard working staff that week. The sleepless nights wondering why it's not working, the bliss of reading reviews left by happy Customers, the turning points, the scrambling to "fake it 'til you make it", the friendships made along the way, the passion for tea stoked and fanned and just riding the waves up and down dusting yourself off when they sometimes dump you on the shore with your cozzie's up your bum along with half the beach....

Ultimately, we are not who we were when we first decided that tea drinkers needed more. We are now parents, working Mums, small business owners, bosses, ex-hospitality operators with some epic failures under our belts, people who fundamentally believe that a cup of tea can be so much more than what it appears on the surface.

It's an interesting time of reflection for this decade milestone coinciding with such a strange time to be alive and the birth of another child.

So much of what we set out to do was to express ourselves and our need for a daily escape from the ordinary with a side serve of connection. While we have had some detours, the road ahead is about this even more so. We're excited to go back to our roots and focus on fun - every day and being true to the quirky, colourful people we are. 

Thanks for making this wild ride possible,

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